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AlphaProfit Newsletter: February 20, 2006 Bulletin

Subject: Buying Into Energy Services

Dear Valued Subscriber,

February has been a difficult month for Fidelity Select Energy Service (FSESX). After gaining 19.5% in January, the fund on a month-to-date basis is down about 12.5%. As commented in the Newsletter documents since the January 24 Bulletin, the backdrop of declining commodity prices has resulted in a decline in share prices in the energy service group. Oil closed the week south of $60 per barrel after closing January at $67.92 per barrel.

Oil traders have focused on inventory buildup as warm weather in January reduced demand. Inventories of crude oil surged 4.9 million barrels last week, substantially above forecast. Meanwhile, tension between the U. S. and Iran continues. The U. S. is considering sanctions because of Iran's atomic energy program. However threats to supply disruption, for the moment, took a back seat as inventory overhang drew investors' attention.

On the earnings front, disappointing results and cautious earnings guidance for the first-half of 2006 from Transocean*, an offshore contract driller, also put pressure on share prices in the energy service group. The company cited cost pressures and an aggressive maintenance program. On a brighter note, Transocean acknowledged strength in daily usage rates for its rigs. We believe the less-than-robust earnings forecast is specific to Transocean and is not indicative of an industry-wide issue. As noted in the February monthly report, companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton, and BJ Services have reported strong results.

While further decline in commodity prices is within the realm of possibilities, fundamentals for the energy service business remain quite strong in terms of demand and pricing. Given the relatively large recent decline in FSESX, Subscribers pursuing different objectives may consider the following:

The AlphaProfit Sector Portfolio Indicator is rated ‘Buy’. None of the funds carries a Favored Buy rating. The AlphaProfit Sector Portfolio Indicator will be updated next on March 1.

Sam Subramanian
AlphaProfit Investments, LLC
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* As of December 31, 2005 Fidelity Select Energy Service did not include Transocean among its top 10 holdings.

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