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AlphaProfit Newsletter: February Indicator Update
February 1, 2006

Dear Valued Subscriber:

The AlphaProfit™ model portfolio returns as of January 31, 2006 are as follows:

  January 2006 2005 1 Year Since September 2003
AlphaProfit Focus™ Model Portfolio 9.6% 33.4% 44.3% 105.9%
AlphaProfit Core™ Model Portfolio 5.0% 17.0% 26.0%   56.8%
DJ Wilshire 5000® Total Market Index 3.6%   6.3% 13.1%   39.4%

Strong gains in January enabled the cumulative return for the Focus model portfolio since the start of the newsletter to cross the 100% mark for the first time. The Focus model portfolio has doubled in 28 months translating into an annualized return of 39.1%.

The U. S. equity market put in a relatively strong showing as 2006 earnings forecasts suggested further growth in the periods ahead. Rising oil prices did little to dampen investor enthusiasm. Exposure to the energy service group enabled the AlphaProfit model portfolios to outperform the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index.

Given the backdrop of generally favorable first-quarter earnings reports, we maintain the ‘Buy’ reading for the AlphaProfit Sector Portfolio Indicator™. We believe it is timely for Subscribers to either get started in tracking the AlphaProfit model portfolios or add capital to their investment accounts subject to the following comments on Fidelity Select Energy Service (FSESX).

As of January 31, 2006, Fidelity Select Energy Service is up 19.5% on a Y-T-D basis. The rally in the energy service group is supported by rising crude oil prices as well as strong earnings reports. We believe the $67.92 per barrel oil price at the end of January embeds a fair amount of ‘supply disruption’ premium in response to the potential for disruption of supplies from Iran and Nigeria.

We continue to like the prospects for the energy service group for the intermediate-term. Our near-term enthusiasm is tempered by the consideration that the ‘supply disruption' premium currently included in the price of oil may get unwound in the coming months. A declining oil price environment could in turn provide the backdrop for a measurable correction in the energy service group. As such, Subscribers seeking to build positions in Fidelity Select Energy Service may consider dollar cost averaging in this fund over a period of time. [The January 24 AlphaProfit Bulletin includes additional discussion on the energy service group. This document is available in the Subscriber Login area of the website.]

At the present time, most of the Fidelity Select funds included in the model portfolios are equally attractive while downside risk is more pronounced in Fidelity Select Energy Service. As such, none of the funds garners a 'Favored Buy' rating at the present time.

The model portfolio composition as of February 1, 2006 is provided in the login area of the web site.

Factors driving model portfolio performance and investment outlook will be discussed in the next issue of the AlphaProfit Report™ published on February 12th.

We welcome your comments.

Sam Subramanian
AlphaProfit Investments, LLC
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