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This page is replaced by AlphaProfit MoneyMatters Investing Blog.

The AlphaProfit Sector Investors' Newsletter is tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest, a unit of Dow Jones & Co. since January 2004. The AlphaProfit Newsletter has frequently ranked among the top investment newsletters tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest. Hulbert Financial Digest has also ranked the AlphaProfit Focus Model portfolio frequently among the top mutual fund portfolios. Dow Jones MarketWatch recognized the AlphaProfit Sector Investors' Newsletter by including it among the top 10 investment newsletters of 2005.

The annualized returns of the AlphaProfit Focus and Core model portfolios for the three-year period ending June 30, 2007 are 20.8% and 14.6%, respectively. Both model portfolios have outperformed the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 indexes, respectively.

The compilation below includes:

  • Monthly updates of AlphaProfit model portfolios' performance
  • Highlights of AlphaProfit Newsletter Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly comparison of AlphaProfit model portfolios performance relative to Lipper averages
  • News items on AlphaProfit Newsletter and model portfolios


pointer  12/08  3 Ways to Hedge against Fed

12/03  Will Your ETF Blow Up Next?

12/01  Best ETFs for ETF Porfolios

pointer  11/24  Pamper Yourself?

11/12  Three Ways to Catch Up

11/03  Prospering with ETFs

pointer  10/30  Online Stock Trading
     10/19  Profit from Financial Crisis
     10/02  Natural Gas Trading

10/26  Strong Buy Stocks
10/13  Will Earnings Derail Stocks?

10/22  S&P 500 Stocks: Earnings
10/07  Sane Tech Plays

pointer  09/28  What's Ahead for the Market?
     09/11  Is Housing Recovery for Real?
     09/02  Best Bank Stocks to Buy Now

09/21  What's ahead for REITs?
09/08  Will Gold Stay Hot & Gas Cold?

09/15  3 Best Housing Investments
09/04  Will Gold Crack $1,000?

pointer  08/27  Newspaper Publishers
     08/13  Tactical Mutual Fund Selection

08/25  Seven Ways to Ka-Ching
08/10  E. Europe Ain't China or India

08/18  Small Cap Value Funds & ETFs
08/03  Ways to Profit from Mergers

pointer  07/27  Join Biotech Bandwagon Now?
     07/06  Gold ETFs and ETNs

07/20  Should You be in Tech Now?
07/01  Dig into Oil & Energy Stocks?

07/13  Profit From Red Turning Green?

pointer  06/15  Earn 55% on Autopilot!

06/08  4 Secrets to Score From $ Slide

06/01  Improve Your Sector Selection!

pointer  05/26  Buy, Sell, or Hold Utilities?

05/19  Will Investors Chase Risk?

05/01  New Bull Market Begins!

pointer  04/12  Model Portfolios Power Ahead

04/01  Six Year Best


pointer  03/24  Market Bottom Looks Enduring

03/01  Profit as market bottoms?


pointer  02/19  NTF Growth Port. Repositioned!

02/02  January Performance Update


pointer  01/19  Leading the Mutual Fund Titans!

01/12  Prosper in Tough Times!

01/01  Model Portfolios Repositioned


pointer  12/21  Leading the Mutual Fund Titans!

12/01  Model Portfolio Repositioning


pointer  11/19  NTF Growth Port. Repositioned!

11/01  October Performance Update


pointer  10/22  Beating Category Averages!

10/20  At Five, We Trounce the Titans!

10/01  Model Portfolios Repositioned

pointer  09/12  Domestic & Foreign Fund Picks

09/02  At Five, We Trounce the Titans!


pointer  08/12  Launching Fund Guide!

08/01  July Performance Update


pointer  07/18  Prudently Beat the Market!

07/12  Beat the market with ETFs!

07/01  Beat the S&P 500 Consistently!

pointer  06/19  Thrive in Tough Times!

06/12  Profiting from Featured Stock!

06/01  Model Portfolios Better Benchmark

pointer  05/12  Featured Stock Rocks!

05/01  Strong Start to Q2!


pointer  04/21  Prudently Beat the Market!

04/12  Model Portfolios Lead the Market!

04/01  Model Portfolios Repositioned

pointer  03/12  Featured Stock Sizzles!

03/03  Model Portfolio Repositioning


pointer  02/14  Newsletter Gets Better!

02/01  January Performance Update


pointer  01/20  Beat the Market 2-to-1!

01/12  Prosper in Tough Times!

01/02  Invest Prudently in 2008!

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