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Investment Blog: S&P 500 Index Return Chart

Stock Market Return Predictions: What the Current Economic Indicators Call for 2010

Sub-par growth, unemployment, and inflation are often cited as reasons for the rally to derail. How is the stock market likely to fare in 2010?

Investing Blog: Implications for Natural Gas Stocks from Exxon-XTO Energy Takeover

Natural Gas Stocks: What Exxon's Purchase of XTO Energy Really Means

Even though natural gas fundamentals appear unattractive, Exxon is plunking $41 billion to acquire XTO Energy. Should you invest in natural gas or natural gas stocks?

Investment Blog: Best and Worst Fidelity Select Funds

Fidelity Select Funds: Best, Worst, and 2010 Forecast

On average, the best performing Fidelity Select Fund has returned 85% per year more than the worst performer. Which Fidelity Select Fund stands to be the best performer in 2010?

Investing Blog: Scylla-Charybdis

Three Ways You Can Hedge against Fed's Follies

While joining the gold party is the obvious way to hedge against the Fed, there are better ways that allow you to benefit from a falling dollar without exposing yourself to the downside risk in gold.

Investment Blog: ETF Risks

Will Your ETF Be Next to Blow Up?

If you are serious about protecting your nest egg, you need to look beyond performance in choosing ETFs. Some seemingly simple ETFs can surprise you with their risks and holdings.

Investing Blog: Financial Goals

Exchange Traded Funds: Best ETFs to Build Your ETF Portfolio

Learn how you can use the best ETFs or exchange-traded funds to build ETF portfolios best suited for meeting your investment objective.

Investment Blog: Luxury Retail

Should You Pamper Yourself with Luxury This Holiday Season?

Luxury spending is back as confidence in the economy and financial markets improves. Profit from this trend with investments like Claymore Robb Report Global Luxury ETF or ROB.

Investing Blog: Learn how to invest in the stock market

Three Ways to Catch Up if You Sat Out the Bull Run

Investors who panicked in March and fled equities have earned abysmally low returns while stock prices took off. Learn how to invest in the stock market.

Investment Blog: Stock Trading

Secrets to Increasing Return and Reducing Risk with ETFs

Exchange-traded funds like Select Sector SPDRs provide investors unique ways to increase return, reduce risk, or both. Retail investors now have access to strategies that were once available only to the pros.

Investing Blog: Stock Trading

Online Stock Trading Companies: Buy, Sell, or Hold

Even though the investing environment is favorable, financial results from online stock trading companies tell a different story. Read this article to learn which brokers are worth your money.

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