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Investment Blog: The Perfect Investment for Today's Market

The Perfect Investment for Today's Market

While emerging markets offer the prospect of stronger growth than the U. S., they are lagging the U. S. in 2010. This investment's go anywhere strategy is just what the doctor ordered.

Investing Blog: Internet Search Big 3

What Will It Take GOOG Stock to Return to an All-Time High?

Owners of GOOG stock have been well-rewarded since the IPO. A few chinks are now appearing in Google's armor. What lies ahead for GOOG stock?

Investment Blog: eBook Readers - Stock Investing Strategy to Profit from Disruptive Technology

eBook Readers: Stock Investing Strategy to Profit from Disruptive Technology

eReader sales are expected to rise exponentially making them as ubiquitous as the cell phone. Learn to profit from this disruptive technology with growth and value stock investing ideas.

Investing Blog: Federal Reserve Discount Rate

Federal Reserve Discount Rate and Your Investment Decisions

The Federal Reserve has raised the discount rate to 0.75%. How should you change your investment decisions?

Investment Blog: Ford Motor Model T

Auto and Auto Part Stocks: Autoliv, Penske Auto, and Five More Ways to Play the Turnaround

Auto and auto part stocks have asserted themselves to become stock market leaders. This article presents five auto plays including Autoliv and Penske Auto.

Investing Blog: Fidelity Investments Offers Free Trading on iShares ETFs

Fidelity Investments Offers Free Trading on iShares ETFs

Fidelity Investments is offering commission free trading of ETFs. How can you use free ETF trading to your advantage?

Investment Blog: 3 Good Stocks to Buy When Correction Ends

Good Stocks to Buy When Stock Market Correction is Over

Good stocks bought at the end of a stock market correction can deliver outsized returns. Here are 3 good stocks to buy.

Investing Blog: Investors Panic as Dow Jones Industrial Average Declines

Has the Dow Jones Industrial Average Topped?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has broken below its 50-day moving average. What is ahead for the DJIA?

Investment Blog: Best and Worst Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds: Best, Worst, and 2010 Forecast

Some ETFs are too popular while others languish. The former may not live up to its promise while the latter includes enticing contrarian plays. Where do 2010's hidden gems lurk?

Investing Blog: The Price War Initiated by Charles Schwab in Discount Online Stock Trading is Suggestive of a Bull Fight

Discount Online Stock Trading: Charles Schwab Calls the Shots

Charles Schwab has turned the heat on discount online stock brokers with zero or low commissions and no restrictions. Read to learn more about goodies too good to pass.

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