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AlphaProfit Premium Service

Consistently top-ranked by Hulbert Financial, AlphaProfit's premium service enables you to profit from Mutual funds, Exchange-traded funds, and Stocks. The premium service provides you access to two award-winning investment newsletters: AlphaProfit Sector Investors' Newsletter and AlphaProfit Fund Investors' Guide.

AlphaProfit Sector Investors' Newsletter

Featuring among MarketWatch's top 10 financial newsletters, this publication enables you to harvest the rich reward potential of Sector Funds including Fidelity Selects, exchange-traded funds, and stocks.

Key Features

  • Timely alerts on what and when to buy or sell
  • Market-beating model portfolios
  • Attractively valued stocks with specific entry and exit points
  • Incisive investing insights

Publication Schedule

  • AlphaProfit Report - 12th day of each month
  • Indicator Update - First trading day of each month
  • Repositioning Alert - Before repositioning model portfolios
  • AlphaProfit Bulletin - As-needed

2016 Documents

Documents published after September 30, 2016 are available in the Subscriber Login Area.

Reports & Indicator Updates

Sep     Report  (175KB)

Indicator Update

Aug     Report  (175KB)

Indicator Update

Jul    Report (171KB)

Indicator Update

Jun Report  (173KB)

Indicator Update

May Report  (173KB)

Indicator Update

Apr Report (173KB)

Indicator Update

Mar Report (173KB)

Indicator Update

Feb Report (173KB)

Indicator Update

Jan Report (174KB)

Indicator Update

Repositioning Alerts

September 30, 2016  (108KB)

June 30, 2016  (108KB)

March 31, 2016  (107KB)

AlphaProfit Fund Investors' Guide

To enable you to profit from opportunities in global markets, this financial publication culls out best-of-breed, no-load, no-transaction-fee domestic, foreign, and specialty mutual funds.

Key Features

  • Timely alerts on what and when to buy or sell
  • Market-beating model portfolio

Publication Schedule

  • AlphaProfit Update - Around 20th of each month
  • Repositioning Alert - Before repositioning model portfolio

2016 Documents

Monthly Updates

Sep Monthly Update (82KB)

Aug Monthly Update (82KB)

Jul Monthly Update (83KB)

Jun Monthly Update (81KB)

May Monthly Update (81KB)

Apr Monthly Update (80KB)

Mar Monthly Update (81KB)

Feb Monthly Update (81KB)

Jan Monthly Update (79KB)

Repositioning Alerts

Aug 17, 2016  (79KB)

May 17, 2016  (79KB)

February 17, 2016  (80KB)

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