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Proposal for Link Partnership

Thank you for considering AlphaProfit as a link partner. We seek two types of link partnerships.

One-Way Link

To receive one-way links to your or your client's website, contact us with a proposal to submit unique finance-related articles. AlphaProfit charges a nominal monthly fee for publishing such articles.

Directory Listing

We seek quality businesses and web sites to add to our directory. Directory listing is free.

Your business and website must meet the following guidelines to be listed in the directory.

  1. Area of Focus: Either all or a section of your web site must pertain to finance or investing.
  2. Unique Content: Your site should have some unique content.
  3. Link: Your site must have a link to our site. Please use the following description:
  4. AlphaProfit Fidelity Newsletter - Fidelity funds based investment newsletter to help investors increase returns from no load mutual funds.

    Here is the HTML code to provide the link to our site:

  5. Navigation: The link to AlphaProfit Fidelity Newsletter must be visible and navigation to the link should be straightforward.
  6. Please submit the following information on your web site (fields marked * are mandatory).

* Your Name

* Your E-mail Address  (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com)

* Name of Your Business

* Description of Your Web Site
  (Please do not exceed 200 characters.)

* Your Web Site URL
  (Please provide the full path, e.g., https://www.yourdomain.com)

* Reciprocal Link URL
  (Please provide the full path of the web page where you have linked to us.)


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