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How You Benefit from AlphaProfit's Investment Model Portfolios

Simple system creates wealth while minimizing risks, expenses, and taxes

Using investments selected by the ValuM investment process, AlphaProfit's Premium Investment Newsletter offers actionable model portfolios.

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Investment Approach

Core portfolio

pointer  For long-term capital growth

pointer  Suitable alternative for investments in
diversified domestic equity funds

Focus portfolio

pointer  For aggressive growth

pointer  Suitable alternative for investments in
non-diversified equity funds

'I came across your web site a few weeks ago and was amazed at how you have managed to utilize sector funds to build a very simple strategy to achieve extraordinary investment results. I plan to utilize your sector information for my investments.'

PB, Belmont, MA

AlphaProfit's approach to constructing and changing the model portfolios minimizes your risks, taxes, expenses, and effort to grow your wealth.

Your Advantage

AlphaProfit Mechanics





Minimize your risks with portfolio approach and sector rotation

pointer  Both portfolios include cluster of
sectors or industries. Portfolio
approach reduces volatility or risk.

pointer  Tactical sector rotation exits or avoids
high-risk sectors considering valuation
and economic environment.

pointer  Subscribers outperform Dow Jones Wilshire
5000 benchmark on risk-adjusted return by
60%. See note below

pointer  Subscribers avoided exposure to consumer
discretionary and financial sectors in 2008.

Keep your tax-bite and expenses low

pointer  Selections typically held six months
or longer in both model portfolios.
Many selections held 1 year or longer.

pointer  Subscribers realize good portion of profits
from long-term capital gains and maximize
after-tax returns.

  • Over 76% of Core portfolio selections
    held over 1 year.
  • Over 15% of Focus portfolio selections
    held over 1 year.

pointer  Subscribers avoid short-term redemption
fees by holding investments for six months
or longer.

Reduce your effort and track model portfolios closely

pointer  Model portfolios typically repositioned
at preset times.

pointer  Repositioning preview provided before
making changes.

pointer  Subscribers receive upcoming repositioning
schedule typically a month before

pointer  Subscribers can reposition their investment portfolio the same time model portfolios are

Grow your wealth

pointer  Core and Focus model portfolios
100% invested in equity mutual funds
at all times. Wealth created by
investing in winning sectors in both bull
and bear markets.

pointer  Subscribers trounce peers for 5-year period
ending Sept. 30, 2008.

  • 8.2% for Core portfolio versus 4.9% for average large domestic equity fund.
  • 12.2% for Focus portfolio versus 6.8%
    for median non-diversified domestic
    equity fund.

Note: Risk-adjusted return measured using Sharpe ratio. Higher Sharpe Ratio implies superior risk-adjusted performance. For 5-year period ending Sept. 30, 2008, Sharpe ratio for Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 is 0.15. Sharpe ratio for AlphaProfit Focus and Core model portfolio is 0.28 and 0.19, respectively. The model portfolio's average Sharpe ratio of 0.23 is 60% higher than that of DJW 5000.

AlphaProfit model portfolios offer compelling investment ideas for the equity portion of your overall portfolio.

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Sam Subramanian



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