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"Sam has a very good knowledge of the market and the website has very detailed instructions on exactly how to position your portfolio. Any questions you might have are addressed in a timely manner. Customer service is outstanding! They charge a reasonable fee for the service."

Dave DiMauro, Bristol, CT

"I am a current subscriber and value your newsletter. Your clear and objective recommendations are a welcome change from many newsletters."

Dale Keener, London, OH

"Dear Sam, Thank you very much for the guidance - it is far better and much more comprehensible than what I got from Fidelity reps!!! I also very much appreciate your quick response."

Perry Alagappan, Houston, TX

"I really appreciate your personal attention, which is why I am entering into what I think will be my fourth year with Alphaprofit. I have made good sums of money from your stock recommendations. Thanks for all your hard work, and I will be renewing my subscription without a quibble this year!"

Terence O'Keeffe, Tucson, AZ

"I have been a subscriber to your premium service for a year now and am very satisfied. We are told to buy low and sell high and that is exactly what your Stock Searchlight does for your subscribers. Every month this section shows you 5 stocks and tells you specifically the buy below, sell above & stop-loss numbers for each one. It takes me about 20 minutes each month to put in the numbers on the Think or Swim platform and then I sit back and wait for the stocks to be bought and sold. The only complaint I have is there is only 5 stocks each month - it would be great if there were more! Keep up the good work!"

Norm Hadd, Loveland, CO

"I have subscribed to other investment newsletters and your newsletter is by far the #1 newsletter. Your newsletter and investment models are detailed, well thought out, easy to digest, thoroughly explained, and you strike the amazing balance of an in-depth yet succinct analysis."

Paul Anderson, Brighton, MI

"I have renewed my subscription to your fine premium newsletter after a short hiatus. I just missed it too much and probably will never allow my subscription to lapse again. Thanks for doing such a great job helping us do-it-yourselfers."

Darrell Corpening, Jonesborough, TN

"Thanks for being so available and helpful to your customers. Great job! You guys have some of the best customer service and financial advice that I've ever seen!"

Bill Rodway, Albuquerque, NM

"You have been very helpful to me with other questions I had. Thank you, once again, for all your sage advice. I'm a BIG fan of you for your intelligence and responsiveness. I like your methodologies very much and I wish that I had known of you many years ago."

Ira Wechter, Certified Financial Planner, Scottsdale, AZ

"I can tell that you are a professional of high integrity with a passion for the market and for serving clients diligently."

Dr. Frank Ragonese, Bonita Springs, FL

"Let me say thank you for the fantastic service you provide to us investors. The Fidelity Sector Fund trading is amazing."

James Boyer, Mattawan, MI

"I very much appreciate that you make yourself available for questions. I now have a better understanding of your service and how to best utilize it."

James Norris, Phoenix, AZ

"I appreciate the rigour with which you approach your newsletter."

Dr. Elio Porto, Austin, TX

"Thank you for all the good work you do; I have been extremely pleased with the results you achieve."

Andrew Yale, Midlothian, VA

"I have reviewed all of the documentation and found the format very easy to understand and implement. I will be implementing your strategy to invest for my father, a seventy-five year old retiree, and also for myself, a forty-two year old engineer. Your published results are impressive. I am looking forward to benefitting from your service to assist in successfully managing my father's and my retirement accounts without having to spend an excessive amount of time performing my own financial research."

Joel Hornberger, New Albany, OH

"I have used your sector (Core) and non-sector portfolios for a few months and it has been impressive; your repositioning alerts are good and provide a clear action plan. You fill a very important void for common investors."

Dr. Bala Ram, Chapel Hill, NC

"Want to congratulate and thank you for your January 1 mutual fund sector picks. Your change to the FSHOX was brilliant. You are anticipating market changes way ahead of what I can see."

James Smith, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I have really enjoyed your service since starting several months ago. It has been a big help managing my mutual fund portfolio as well as your stocks."

William Macdonald, Chelmsford, MA

"I have followed your investment performance since I last subscribed.  It has become apparent to me that you have a logical process that works. And the price of the subscription is the cheapest money management fee I will ever pay. Thanks for helping us with investing."

Dan Belville, Carrollton, TX

"You deserve to be congratulated in the way you have analyzed the data, integrated your evaluations, and then decided on your holdings. You really deserve congratulations. Well done."

Raymond Huber, Lincroft, NJ

"I am in the Focus portfolio. I have been using your newsletter for a while now and I am impressed with the results. I know you can't always bat a 1000 in investing... but it is over a considerable period of time that matters. You are doing great. Keep up the good work."

Robert Wilson, Amherst, MA

"I have been using the Focus Portfolio for two years. For the first three months of this year (2007) the Focus Portfolio has outperformed my trading stock portfolio, dividend portfolio and mutual fund portfolio. Keep up the good work."

Lorraine Coccarro, Venice, FL

"I follow your newsletter and adjust my portfolio accordingly. My confidence level in your program increases every time I review the web site and newsletter. I like the fact that the program is suitable for retirement and yet aggressive."

John Barone, Petaluma, CA

"Congratulations on such excellent performance. I've subscribed to many other such newsletters and I must say that aside from performance yours also is the best when it comes to presenting all the material. It is well organized, further it allows one to quickly scan the newsletter for all the essentials and then come back for a more detailed reading. My only regret is that I did not come across this before."

Poornachandra Rao, Cedar Park, TX

"I researched your newsletter and found it to be the most plausible answer to my problem with my IRA. I have been using an Advisory Group to manage my account. But found them to be less aggressive and under performing. At this latest point I was paying approx. 22% of my gains back to them for their service. I look forward to taking advantage of your hard work and advice.

Larry McKimm, Auburn, WA

"Your superb track record and your newsletters prove that you are not only serious about investment, but also capable and fully committed."

Fanhui Kong, Ellicott City, MD

"I came across your web site a few weeks ago and was amazed at how you have managed to utilize the Fidelity sector funds to build a very simple strategy to achieve extraordinary investment results. Congratulations. I enjoy your newsletter and see that you really do keep an eye on a wide range of economic data.

Patrick Brennan, Belmont, MA

"I have been looking for a newsletter like yours for many years. I have tried over the years both the fund specific newsletters and the online subscription services. I have not had the success out of the box like I am seeing with your sector fund newsletter."

James Schroering, Boise, ID

"Since early 2005, I use the AlphaProfit Newsletter's suggestions for managing most of my investments. Your logic and justification for change are well thought of. Within a year, I have benefited more than I ever had in the previous three years. I do not have any tension usually associated with managing the portfolio myself. This is a good newsletter."

Dr. Payasada Kotrappa, Frederick, MD

"I much enjoy your reports for the acute insight into market matters and their perspicuous presentation."

Sergey Samoilov, Athens, GA

"I really wondered at first about this (your investment methodology) but after several months of watching what you did and then calling to sign up and actually talking to the man who makes the moves was comforting. With the market index finishing almost flat for the whole year (2005) I would say you did a wonderful job."

George Brown, Mooresville, IN

"I am still relatively new to your service, but have grown to respect your skills, insight, and straightforwardness."

Dr. Jimmie Brewer, Aptos, CA

"I can't tell you how very happy I am that I found your newsletter last year!"

Neil Herskowitz, New York, NY

"Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome and I learn a lot from your newsletters. I also swing trade picking stocks from the fund holdings too."

Kiran Artham, Alpharetta, GA

"I started investing in your Focus Portfolio towards the end of May 2004. Since then I selectively increased my investment. My return on invested capital for the first year has been 24%, clearly exceeding the various benchmarks I track. Your efforts with portfolio development and recommendations are greatly appreciated."

Charles Persyn, Oakland, CA

"Proper view of the facts and the current P/E and risks in the sector. Wish other mutual fund letters would write timely on these matters as you have."

Thomas Rubbelke, Arden Hills, MN

"You publish a class newsletter. Not only are your model portfolio returns great, so are your insights. I have learned a great deal on sector investing."

Shirley Scott, Sugar Land, TX

"I have been a follower of AlphaProfit for 4 months now. The thinking, process, and discipline along with the past performance is great."

Howard Marshall, Lakeland, FL

"Your skill at choosing funds is very impressive and I appreciate having your assistance in my financial choices."

James Garofallou, Montclair, NJ

"I just want to say I think your website is outstanding. I find it extremely helpful."

Dr. Paul Vastola Jr., Madison, WI

"I have found the AlphaProfit model portfolios valuable in providing ideas for structuring and managing my investments."

Tim Andrews, Nedrow, NY

"As a retiree, I was quite unhappy with the measly income I was getting from my investments due to the current, historically low interest rates. At the start of 2004, I invested 1/5th of the amount held in my high balance savings bank account, in the sector funds of AlphaProfit's Focus portfolio. By June 2004, the return from the latter was more than 5 times the income from my high balance savings account."

Adam Stevenson, Houston, TX

"I am fascinated with your methodology and track record. I passed on the information to all my friends."

Jack Roberts, Austin, TX

"I have known your work for quite some time - you are bright, successful, and have a proven strategy with Fidelity Select."

Todd Johnson, Albuquerque, NM

Sam Subramanian



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