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Sam Subramanian

Dear Fellow Investor,

I realize the past years have been difficult for most investors. The housing bubble funded by subprime debt has wreaked havoc on the economy and the stock market.

Short-term interest rates have been slashed taking away one of the means for investors to conservatively earn an income. Investing in this environment, to say the least, is a challenge.

Investing however does not have to be a challenge for you. I am here to help.

There is money to be made even in this crummy market. After all, there is a bull market somewhere most of the time … in certain asset classes, sectors, investing styles, or specific stocks.

Best Sector SelectionsMy mission is to help you put your money in the best investments to successfully protect and spectacularly grow your wealth.

A dollar invested in AlphaProfit's investing system in 1994 has grown to $135.49. Compare this with the S&P 500. A dollar invested in this commonly used benchmark would have grown to only $18.18. In other words, AlphaProfit's system has beaten the market 7-to-1.

The good news is that you do not need to stay glued to your trading screen to achieve such results.

So how do we do it? Simple.

  • Pick winners with high degree of consistency.
  • Avoid big losers.
  • Trade only when necessary.

Fully 75% of recommendations selected gained during the period that included the 2008 crash and the dot-com bust. Best of all, we avoided the financial sector completely in 2008.

Here are tangible ways you benefit by subscribing to AlphaProfit’s Premium service.

You profit with proven system in multiple ways

‘Buy-and-hold’ and ‘buy-and-hope’ are clearly hopeless strategies to navigate through the lousy markets we have seen in recent years.

As bad as the market has been, there have been opportunities to make some good amount of money. The trick is to find what will work and stick with it … until it is right to.

Professional investors beat the market by investing in industries and investment styles that are working in the given market and economic environment. And with AlphaProfit’s proven system, you can do what the pros do … to spectacularly grow your wealth.

During the 2009 recovery, stocks in the auto sector vroomed. Earlier, energy was red hot. And, gold glittered through the years of the dot-com bust.

And in each case, AlphaProfit’s proven prescient ValuM process that blends valuation, momentum, and news quality in analyzing investments reliably selected the winners to enable readers handily score heady profits.

AlphaProfit investment recommendation results

Put Your Retirement & Taxable Accounts on a Fast Track

We identify the best mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks for you to grow your money in both bull and bear markets through a wide range of investments.

Backed by AlphaProfit’s history of picking investments with a high success rate, you position yourself in the best investments time after time and reap sizeable double-digit gains over and over again.

To help you earn outstanding returns, we ferret out all possible opportunities and go wherever the most money is. While the S&P 500 advanced 22% from 2006 through 2007, the real action during this period was in emerging markets that soared triple digits.

Mutual funds like Fidelity Latin America (FLATX), Matthews India (MINDX), and Matthews China (MCHFX) soared 107%, 124%, and 180%, respectively during this period.

Researching several hundreds of ETFs and mutual funds, we tell you the best ETFs and mutual funds to buy or sell, and when to trade.

And, we help you make money from both long-term investing and short-term trading.

Invest with AlphaProfit’s market-beating model portfolios for the long-term.

Or, trade stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds for quick short-term profits.

Reduce your risk

To get ahead in investing, you not only need to earn great returns in bull markets but also minimize losses in bear markets.

See how the math works.

Say you invested $10,000 and lost 40% to end up with $6,000. You now need a 67% return on the $6,000 to just break-even.

Now, let’s say you lost 50% instead of 40% in the above example. Your $10,000 account has been reduced to $5,000. Now you need to double your money or earn 100% on the $5,000 to break-even.

As the magnitude of the loss increases from 40% to 50%, the return needed to break even soars from 67% to 100%.

Said simply, avoiding big losses is critical to long-term investing success.

The key to building amazing wealth is to identify the best investments and exit them before the downturn inevitably often comes.

And that’s exactly what AlphaProfit’s expert guidance does for you.

AlphaProfit ValuM SystemGoing well beyond historical performance, we delve deep into each investment analyzing factors like business prospects for industries & companies, risk of investment strategy, and quality of management to consistently select winners.

With AlphaProfit’s proven ValuM system working for you, you don’t have to worry about the credit crisis, bailouts, inflation, or any other nagging economic problem coming between you and your profits.

Why? Because the ValuM system is both holistic and unbiased. The system evaluates investments on both fundamental and technical measures and positions you in the best investments with the highest probability of success.

This multi-faceted evaluation makes sure that you do not get blindsided to key risks. It ensures that you not only receive great investment selections but more importantly, exit them in a timely manner when they run their course.

By using our expertise in portfolio construction and asset allocation to work for you, you lower your risk.

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Achieve your investment goals with little time and effort

Unlike publications that just offer recommendations, AlphaProfit’s investment process enables you to achieve your investment goals … easily and safely.

Whether you seek to aggressively grow your capital or prefer a less bumpy, steadfast ride, our model portfolios and tools help you.

With AlphaProfit’s process backing every move you make, you do not have to put in hours and hours of research time or lose sleep over investment decisions.

Achieve your investment goals with little time and effort

Our low-maintenance approach minimizes the time you spend trading. You can earn returns from our recommendations literally by spending only a few minutes a year in trading.

The low-maintenance approach also reduces or in many cases eliminates brokerage commission costs and redemption fees and enables you to keep all of the profits you have earned.

As for taxes, we maximize your after-tax gains by minimizing Uncle Sam’s share.

Even if you are using an investment adviser to manage your assets, it behooves you to try our approach with at least a part of your monies.

Maximizing your gains is our only goal

AlphaProfit’s mission is to help you manage your portfolio by offering sound investment ideas.

What Readers SayWe provide objective, unbiased investment research. We are neither affiliated with nor compensated by any mutual fund company or brokerage firm.

Newsletters are our only service. We do not use newsletters as the front-end to sell other services. In other words, we have no other axes to grind.

We eat our own cooking. I personally am investing my monies in AlphaProfit’s investment selections since 1996. AlphaProfit employees invest their personal monies in our investment recommendations.

In short, our success depends on your success!

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Excellent value

With AlphaProfit’s Premium Service subscription, you receive access to:

  The AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter to harvest the rich reward potential of Fidelity Select funds, exchange-traded funds, and stocks

What Readers Say

  •  Timely alerts on what to buy, what to sell, and when to trade
  •  Market-beating model portfolios
  •  Asset allocation advice
  •  Special bulletins in anticipation of or following key market events

  The AlphaProfit Fund Investors’ Guide to profit from opportunities in global markets with best-of-breed, no-load, no-transaction-fee domestic, foreign, emerging market, and specialty mutual funds

  • Timely alerts on what to buy, what to sell, and when to trade
  • Market-beating model portfolio

And here’s an added benefit you won’t find with most advisory services.

As a subscriber, you have direct email access to me. If you have any question about a recommendation provided in AlphaProfit’s Premium Service, send me an email. I’ll surely get back to you with the answer. This is priceless personal service you rarely find anywhere else.

Best of all, the subscription fee is a pittance compared with what you would gain from using my recommendations.

The bottom line: Subscribing to AlphaProfit’s Premium Service could be the most lucrative decision you make. And the best time to start is right now.

You are just minutes away from discovering our current recommendations

I’m currently recommending several investments that could put big profits in your pocket.

I have spelled out all the details in a clear way in the issue you will read as soon as you accept this invitation.

Here is the best part: You can use these money-making recommendations in your taxable as well as retirement accounts.

And, you do not need a fancy dollar amount in your account to get started with these recommendations. You can get started with as little as $10,000.

Accept my invitation now and put your wealth-building program on auto-pilot!

Looking forward to sharing my successes with you,

Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA
Editor, AlphaProfit Premium Service

P. S. By using AlphaProfit’s Premium Service you always own the best mutual funds, best ETFs, and best stocks. You are always in sectors and investment styles that are working the best. With AlphaProfit’s proven system backing each of your investment moves, you sleep well. You earn the keep with little time and effort. Most importantly, you keep winning big. You simply cannot afford to delay this single best investment decision you will make!

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