About Sam Subramanian – AlphaProfit Investment Newsletter

From Research Engineer to Trusted Investment Guru

Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA is the editor of the award-winning AlphaProfit Premium Service investment newsletter and the popular investing blog, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters.

A 12-time winnner of Hulbert Financial Digest’s #1 Rank, AlphaProfit Premium Service investment newsletter is named among Top 10 investment newsletters by Market-Watch.

AlphaProfit Premium Service owes its success to the ValuM investment process created by Dr. Subramanian. Putting investors’ interests front and center, this process is designed to make investors rich … not middlemen like brokers, investment companies, or investment advisors.

Sam Subramanian Creates a Better Way to Invest – The ValuM Investment Process

Sam has been passionate about the stock market from his childhood. Growing up in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, Sam has a natural interest in investing. Sam continued to nurture his passion after migrating to the U. S. in 1984 to pursue a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering on a fellowship from Syracuse University.

Sam was determined to take charge of his own investments and become financially independent. He knew investing was a veritable minefield where Wall Street analysts, brokers, and money managers, peddled motivated advice to make big money from the hard-earned savings of investors.

Sam also knew what it takes to become a successful investor … financial expertise, strong quantitative skills, and creative problem-solving ability.

Confident of his innate quantitative skills and creative problem-solving ability as evidenced by his successful completion of PhD in Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University and award of 16 U. S. patents from his pioneering research at Ford Motor, Sam Subramanian focused on strengthening his financial expertise.

He earned his MBA (Hons.) from the University of Michigan and broadened his financial expertise through professional experience in positions of increasing responsibility at ExxonMobil, McKinsey, and Unocal.

Sam crafted a unique and holistic investment system, blending fundamental and technical analyses and rigorously testing it with his own money.

The result … The ValuM investment process, a reliable low-risk, low-cost, low-maintenance system for consistently selecting winning investments in all market environments.

Why Sam Subramanian founded AlphaProfit?

The ValuM investment process enabled Sam to rapidly build his personal wealth from a mere $1,600 in 1984 and achieve financial independence.

Sam read about losses suffered by millions of investors during the dot.com bust. He heard horror stories about some of his acquaintances losing their lifetime savings in a trice. They had all fallen victims to Wall Street’s vicious ‘pie in the sky’ propaganda.

Sam’s own experience was in sharp contrast. The ValuM investment process first helped him lock the gains he made in technology, media, and telecom during the dot.com boom. Then, it also helped him latch on to winners in natural gas, home construction, and gold during the dot.com bust.

Expanding his vision, Sam felt he should do his part to help other investors repeat his success with the ValuM investment process. He founded AlphaProfit Investments in 2003 to provide subscribers with trusted, clear-cut investment advice at an affordable cost.

Today, AlphaProfit helps thousands of subscribers achieve their dreams as evidenced by the Premium Service investment newsletter’s performance. AlphaProfit has completed ten years of trusted service establishing itself as a critical resource for ETF, Fidelity, and mutual fund investors in turbulent times.

Sam’s Unparalleled Edge in Protecting and Growing Wealth

Sam’s unique credentials and personal qualities offer him unrivaled advantage in protecting and growing his subscribers’ wealth.

Sam’s credentials extend well beyond passing the Series 65 regulatory requirement for investment advisors. His professional experience provides him with deep expertise in diverse areas of finance spanning Corporate Strategy, Trading & Risk Management, Asset Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Bankruptcies.

This enables Sam to decipher corporate speak and see through the games corporations play. An in-depth researcher with forensic eyes, he analyzes corporate filings, financial statements, and forecasts to protect his subscribers’ wealth. He identifies investments that are undervalued versus their growth prospects and well-positioned to handily reward his subscribers. Succinctly said, Sam ensures his investment selections offer subscribers the best opportunity for earning the highest return with the lowest risk.

Recognizing the value of his insights and forecasts, noted journalists seek Sam’s analysis on the market and economy for their columns in leading financial websites and publications like MarketWatch, Forbes, Investors Business Daily, Wall Street’s Best Investments, Economic Times, and Black Enterprise Magazine.

Sam's Investing Strategy and Philosophy

For an external perspective on Sam's investing strategy and philosophy, read Transcript of Sam Subramanian’s interview in Dick Davis Investment of the Week

Sam’s articles appear in major financial website and print publications such as The Motley Fool, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, ETFZone, and Futures Magazine.

As for his personal qualities, Sam is a prudent risk taker. He received his ‘due stock market education’ from the 1987 crash that ingrained in him the need for risk management. He also recognizes the need for taking sensible risks to earn good returns.

An independent thinker, Sam looks at things the crowd isn’t looking at, spots secular trends ahead of others, rides on opportunities they provide, and exits them on time. To make the maxim ‘buy low-sell high’ actually work for his subscribers, Sam uses points of extreme pessimism as good buying opportunities and points of extreme optimism as good selling opportunities.

AlphaProfit – A Trusted Source to Earn Safer and Better Investment Returns

Setting high standards of honesty and transparency, Sam invests his own money in the recommendations he makes. He communicates his recommendations to his subscribers in advance to help them trade at the same time as he does and earn what he earns.

If you’re looking for a better, safer and more effective way to protect and grow your wealth, take some time to review Dr. Sam Subramanian’s investment strategy and track record.

Find out why AlphaProfit’s Premium Service newsletter has won Hulbert Financial Digest’s #1 rank 12 times.

Discover how Sam Subramanian’s ValuM investment process enables subscribers to:

  • Earn superior returns consistently to build their wealth at a rapid rate by taking prudent risks,
  • Cut their expenses like fees, commissions, and penalties to maximize the keep, and
  • Minimize effort to free their time for other pursuits in life.