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The questions and answers are split in five sections:

Publications and Sample Copies

Investment Recommendations

Account Help

Investment Returns

AlphaProfit Investments

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About Publications and Sample Copies


1.1 What investment recommendations do I receive in the Premium Service?

The Premium Service provides you access to two publications: The flagship AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter and the AlphaProfit Fund Investors’ Guide. The Sector Newsletter provides you recommendations on:

  • Sector funds including Fidelity Select funds
  • Sector ETFs
  • Stocks

The Fund Investors’ Guide provides you recommendations on best-of-breed, no-load, no-transaction fee mutual funds in the following categories:

  • Domestic Funds
  • Foreign funds
  • Specialty Funds


1.2 How often are AlphaProfit’s Premium Service newsletters published?

The AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter and the AlphaProfit Fund Investors’ Guide provided in the Premium Service have their own monthly publication schedules.

In addition to the regularly scheduled documents, subscribers receive Alerts and Bulletins before new recommendations.

You can expect to receive at least three communications from AlphaProfit in any month.


1.3 How can I receive sample copies of AlphaProfit Premium Service newsletter documents?

The login area of the website includes sample copies of the AlphaProfit Premium Service along with the Premium Service user guide, historical year-over-year returns, and historical model portfolio recommendations. You can access all of this information by setting up a Free Membership Account.


1.4 How do I access AlphaProfit’s Premium Service newsletters?

AlphaProfit sends your User Name and Password after you subscribe to the Premium Service to access all of the Premium Service documents in the Subscriber Login section of the website.

You do not need any special or complicated software to access the Premium Service documents online.

The Premium Service documents are sent in HTML or PDF formats. The HTML documents can be read with both your web browser and e-mail reader. You can read the PDF documents with Adobe Reader that can be downloaded free of charge at


About Investment Recommendations


2.1 What types of investment recommendations do I receive from AlphaProfit?

You receive investment recommendations on Fidelity and other mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and stocks. You also get model portfolios for different investment objectives.


2.2 In which types of accounts can I use AlphaProfit’s recommendations?

You can use AlphaProfit recommendations in different types of taxable and tax-deferred accounts including individual, joint, retirement, and trust accounts.

The investments recommended by AlphaProfit are generally available in IRA accounts, Keogh accounts, and employer-sponsored plans.

The IRA may be a Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, or self-directed IRA.

Assets in employer-sponsored plans like 401k, 403b, or Section 457 plans may also be invested in AlphaProfit recommendations.


2.3 Do I need a specific brokerage account to use AlphaProfit recommendations?

No. You can have your investment account with any brokerage firm you prefer. The ETFs and stocks recommended by AlphaProfit can be traded in all brokerage accounts.

A large number of mutual funds recommended by AlphaProfit are no-load funds and can be traded using E*Trade, Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade brokerage platforms without incurring commissions.

Fidelity account holders can buy, sell or exchange Fidelity mutual funds free of commissions.


2.4 What types of investment-related services do I receive after subscribing to AlphaProfit Premium Service?

You receive clear-cut asset allocation advice to get started with AlphaProfit recommendations. You also get unambiguous market timing guidance to preserve your wealth and to take advantage of opportunities.

In addition to model portfolios, you receive recommendations on ETFs, mutual funds and stocks for opportunistic short-term trading.


Account Help


3.1 I do not seem to remember my Username or Password. How can I retrieve my correct Username or Password?

You can get your Username or Password e-mailed to you by using the retrieval function on the website or by contacting us.


3.2 How do I change my password, e-mail address, or postal address for my account?

You can change your password, e-mail address, or postal address by contacting us.


About Investment Returns


4.1 How can I get historical year-over-year returns of the AlphaProfit model portfolios?

The login area of the website includes historical year-over-year returns and historical model portfolio recommendations along with sample copies of the AlphaProfit Premium Service and the Premium Service user guide. You can access all of this information by setting up a Free Membership Account.


4.2 Are Fidelity model portfolios returns prior to start of the AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter back-tested?

No. The AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter was started on September 30, 2003. The performance of the model portfolios prior to the start of the newsletter is the result of systematically selecting Fidelity Select funds using the ValuM Investment Process. Sam Subramanian has been using the ValuM Investment Process for selecting Fidelity Select funds since 1996 and has invested his personal assets in several of the model portfolio holdings since that time.


About AlphaProfit Investments


5.1 Does AlphaProfit Investments offer managed account services?

AlphaProfit Investments currently does not offer managed account services. AlphaProfit seeks to help investors manage their investment portfolio by offering a sound, low cost, low maintenance approach to investing. AlphaProfit provides mutual fund, ETF, and stock recommendations.


5.2 How is AlphaProfit compensated for the services it provides?

Premium Service subscriptions are the principal source of AlphaProfit’s revenue. AlphaProfit is an independent investment research firm. The company is neither affiliated with nor compensated by any of the fund companies or brokerage firms.


5.3 Do AlphaProfit’s owners and employees personally invest their assets in recommended investments?

Yes, we do eat our own cooking. Owners and employees do invest their monies in the mutual funds, ETFs and stocks recommended in AlphaProfit newsletters.

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