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Hulbert Top Ranks AlphaProfit’s Sector Strategy

The Hulbert Financial DigestEdited by Sam Subramanian, AlphaProfit Sector Investors Newsletter’s Fidelity Focus and Fidelity Core portfolios gained an average of 46% in … Read More »

The Four Best Stock Sectors Now (and the Three Worst)

BottomLinePublications.comInvestors often focus on overall market trends. However, there is a better way to identify the most attractive opportunities and the biggest risks. It involves concentrating on … Read More »

Should You Sell Stocks?

USA TodayThe stock market has now gone 519 calendar days without a 10% decline, the 10th-longest spell without a correction. As the bull gets older, calls for a correction … Read More »

Fiscal Cliff Or Not, 9 ETF Picks

Investors' Business DailySam Subramanian thrives in challenging markets by seeking sectors with high relative strength, attractive valuation, and favorable fundamentals. In a market riddled by fiscal cliff uncertainty, his gauges are pointing to ETFs that focus on … Read More »

Copper May Soon Run Out Of Steam

MarketWatch.comAfter an impressive 11% jump in the last month, copper may soon run out of steam as support from global-growth expectations and … Read More »

Dick Davis Contributor Interview Series: Sam Subramanian

Dick Davis DigestChloe Lutts, Editor of Dick Davis Digest interviews Sam Subramanian. Discover how you can prosper with Sam’s unique investment strategy. Learn more about Sam … Read More »

China Feeds Copper Run, But Gains May Not Last

MarketWatch.comCopper’s wild ride last year has given way to a big rally as optimism over demand growth for the industrial metal rises. But some … Read More »

Five ETFs That Strategists Say Should Be Avoided

Investors' Business DailyMost ETFs fulfill the promise of low cost and all-day trade. But some are so rife with flaws, they should be handled with great care or … Read More »

Equities: Blending Technical And Fundamental Analysis

FuturesMag.comFundamental equity traders rely on factors such as earnings, earnings growth or valuation ratios to select securities. Technical traders use moving averages, trading volume patterns or price breakouts. To understand the nuances of the two methods, it helps … Read More »

Top India Focused Funds for US Based NRIs to Invest In

The Economic TimesIt’s no secret that the Indian economy has been going great guns for the past decade or so. The easiest way for non-resident Indians (NRIs) in the US to start investing in India is … Read More »

Strength In Steel Is For Real

Forbes.comAs countries around the world are focusing on infrastructure, shares of steel makers have risen with plans. The Market Vectors Steel ETF has gained 225% from its low. With such a sizable rally already a historical fact, investors may not … Read More »

A Panoply of Free ETFs

Seeking AlphaCharles Schwab recently launched eight in-house exchange-traded funds offering commission free trading on these products to its customers. Fidelity has announced its customers can trade 25 ETFs commission free. What does this mean for ETF … Read More »

Dr. Exxon Gives Gas a Clean Bill of Health

Seeking AlphaExxon, the energy juggernaut, does not move often but when it does, it creates a cascade. Exxon’s purchase of XTO Energy is a strategic bet on natural gas becoming the fuel of choice. Investors looking to … Read More »

Taking Off With Transports And JetBlue

Forbes.comAs the early runaway phase of a new bull market tapers, investors seek to target sectors and industries that are most likely to play catch up and outperform the broad market. Laggards are a good place to start, and one group that looks promising … Read More »

Investing in Sector Funds

Financial BridgesWhile sector funds may appear to be volatile when evaluated on a stand-alone basis, their impact on portfolio volatility can be quite different. Prudent investors use sector funds in ways that leverage their return potential while managing portfolio volatility. Sector funds … Read More »

Industry-Focused Investments can Help You Profit in a Slowing Economy

Black EnterpriseA few strong sectors can be found even in a flagging market. To beat a buy-and-hold strategy – which often loses money in a bear market – professional investors buy stocks in the right industries. With today’s tools, retail investors too … Read More »

Active Indexes Drive PowerShares ETFs

Financial BridgesUnlike majority of ETFs which benchmark well-known market capitalization-based ‘passive’ indexes, PowerShares ETFs use novel ‘active’ indexes and widen investment options available for investors. These ETFs can be attractive for investors pursuing a … Read More »

Pulpy PickAudio Icon

Forbes.comPaper and packaging is not a terribly sexy industry. Yet, there are opportunities to make some good bucks without much risk here. Fundamentals and technicals make this pulpy recommendation on ‘ Video Network’ a timely buy. Read More »

AlphaProfit’s Energy Sector OutlookAudio Icon

Forbes.comStrength of global economies is just one of the many factors that influence the price of oil. To learn the direction for oil prices and the best way to play it, listen to this discussion originally broadcast nationwide on ‘Forbes on Radio’. Read More »

Energy Conservation: Save Energy, Make Money

Motley FoolTechnology companies are generally underappreciated as energy conservation plays. By casting a wider net, investors can find appealing situations in the technology space that not only offer outstanding prospects for … Read More »

Stodgy Stocks Can Grow Your Portfolio

Motley FoolOverestimating business prospects is a common nemesis of growth stock investors. A perfect example is the dot-com era. Investors can reduce the agony of watching share price and earnings-per-share trends diverge by … Read More »

Morningstar’s Stewardship Grade Scores Big

InvestopediaInvestors use Morningstar Rating as a signpost of mutual fund performance in terms of both return and risk. Morningstar Rating however does not get at critical intangibles. Morningstar Stewardship Grade … Read More »

What’s Driving Biotech

ETFZoneThe potential of targeted drugs, shortening of cycle-times, and possibilities of buyout provide a powerful case for investing in the biotechnology sector. IBB and BBH, two ETFs that focus on this sector have subtle yet important, differences. Which is better? … Read More »