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"In the investing blog, I seek to help you take sound investment decisions free from emotion by sharing my objective insights on markets, sectors, and companies."
Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA, Editor, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters

Should I Invest in International Stocks in 2020?

Should I invest in international stocks in 2020? This is a common question on investor’s minds after U. S. stocks fared better than international stocks in 2019. In this post, I compare the valuation of stocks and prospects for growth in the U. S. versus those in international markets. I also analyze the potential for changes in currency… Read More »

US Stock Market Forecast for 2020

Although earnings stagnated in 2019, US stocks surged over 30% as valuation metrics increased. Will rising valuation metrics trip stocks? What is AlphaProfit’s US stock market forecast for 2020?

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

The Fidelity and ETF Core and Focus model portfolios have gained at annualized rates of 15.0% and 18.3%, respectively since 1994. The model portfolios will be repositioned with new mutual fund and ETF recommendations on Tuesday, March 31. Learn more about AlphaProfit's Free and Premium Service investment newsletters.