Fidelity Funds Based Model Portfolios

Real Portfolios for Real Money


AlphaProfit’s Premium Service offers three popular model portfolios for individual investors and investment advisers:

  • Fidelity Focus for Aggressive Growth
  • Fidelity Core for Growth
  • Fidelity No-Load, No-Transaction-Fee (NL-NTF) for Global Growth

The model portfolios use Fidelity funds or other no-load, no-transaction-fee non-Fidelity funds available in Fidelity Funds Network as building blocks.

You can use the model portfolios in retirement accounts like 401k, Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA or Keogh plans as well as taxable accounts.

 Your skill at choosing funds is very impressive and I appreciate having your assistance in my financial choices. 

JG, Montclair, NJ

Here is how the three Fidelity Funds based model portfolios compare:

  Fidelity Focus Model Portfolio Fidelity Core Model Portfolio Fidelity NL-NTF Growth Model Portfolio
BenefitsEnables investors to aggressively grow assets using high- performance Fidelity FundsEnables investors to grow assets with diversified portfolio of high-performance Fidelity FundsEnables investors to grow assets with global portfolio of best-of-breed funds in Fidelity FundsNetwork
Starting Account Size
Retirement Accounts like 401k, Rollover IRA, and Roth IRA$7,500+$25,000+$35,000+
Retirement Accounts like SEP-IRA and Keogh Plan$1,500+$5,000+$35,000+
Taxable Accounts$7,500+$25,000+$35,000+
Composition2 to 4 Fidelity funds7 to 8 Fidelity funds
on average
5 to 8 no-load, no-
transaction fee Fidelity and non-Fidelity funds

All three model portfolios are designed to eliminate your fees and brokerage commissions as well as minimize your tax bite.

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