How Do You Keep My Fees and Expenses Low

Do you think your financial advisor is building his wealth at your expense by milking your account through fees and commissions?

Do you feel your financial advisor charges you too much, for what she delivers?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you are not alone.

You can put an end to your frustrations.

In fact, many smart investors have already done that.

They use AlphaProfit Premium Service to manage their investments.

AlphaProfit reduces all your expenses essentially to the subscription fee.

When you use AlphaProfit Premium Service, you pay no advisory fees or commissions.

Here is how your costs stack up when you engage a fee-only, commission-based, or fee-based financial advisor to manage a $100,000 account compared to managing it yourself with the help of AlphaProfit Premium Service subscription.

Cost DimensionCommission-based Financial AdvisorFee-only Financial AdvisorFee-based Financial AdvisorAlphaProfit Premium Service
FeeNone.Annual fees typically range from 1.0% to 2.0% of assets. Fee percent depends on asset size. At 1.5% of assets, you pay $1,500 per year. Annual fees typically range from 0.5% to 1.5% of assets. Fee percent depends on asset size and types of investments in account. At 1.0% of assets, you pay $1,000 per year.List price of annual subscription is $349. Subscription cost does not depend on asset size.
CommissionPopular load mutual funds typical charge 5.75% front-end sales charge. You pay $5,750 to invest $100,000 in such funds.None.None.None.
Apparent Cost$5,750$1,500$1,000$349

Compensation arrangements for financial advice or planning can vary over a wide range depending on asset size, types of investments, and services requested. The above table illustrates typical costs incurred under commonly used compensation arrangements. The actual cost an adviser or planner charges may be higher or lower than the cost estimate shown here.

Additionally, advisor compensation structures do not align with investor interests. This results in ‘additional costs’.

The drive to use higher commission paying investments often compromises objectivity of commission-based advisors. The relatively large advisor compensation tied to purchase or sale of investments could compel clients to own assets even after they turn undesirable. This in turn can affect performance.

The compensation structure of fee-only advisors leaves them with no stake in client’s plan or its performance. This could encourage such advisors to minimize effort.

Fee-based advisors usually earn fees as well as commissions based on the investment product they sell. The client pays the fee and the product’s financial institution pays the commission. This compensation structure often compromises objectivity in selecting investments and encourages advisors to churn the account, i.e., trade excessively.

In contrast, AlphaProfit’s ownership structure and investment process ties AlphaProfit’s success with your interests.

How Alphaprofit’s Ownership Structure Helps You Cut Fees and Trading Costs

AlphaProfit is an independently owned investment research firm. It has no affiliations or compensation agreements with any investment company or brokerage firm.

AlphaProfit’s ownership structure leads to objective, unbiased investment recommendations of low-cost investment products like no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds and low expense ratio ETFs to help you minimize your expenses.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Sam Subramanian developed and rigorously tested with his own money what has now become AlphaProfit’s investment process. Dr. Subramanian continues to use all recommendations made in the Premium Service to manage his personal accounts. The quality of recommendations you receive in the Premium Service match the high standards Dr. Subramanian sets for managing his personal accounts.

This proprietary, low-risk, low-maintenance investment process ensures you trade optimally to add substantial value to your accounts and earn the returns AlphaProfit reports.

In short, your interests are fully inline with Dr. Subramanian’s success in managing his personal accounts.

How Alphaprofit’s Investment Process Helps You Cut Fees and Trading Costs

AlphaProfit exclusively recommends low-cost, no-load mutual funds available commission-free at major brokerage fund supermarkets like Fidelity FundsNetwork, Schwab OneSource, and others. Additionally, AlphaProfit’s investment process optimizes the mutual fund holding period to avoid paying short-term redemption fees.

When you invest in mutual funds recommended in AlphaProfit Premium Service, you don’t pay front-end loads, brokerage commissions, or redemption fees.

AlphaProfit helps you minimize your expenses when you invest in ETFs too. You invest in ETFs that best fit the investment thesis and have the lowest expense ratios. Some of them may be available commission-free in your brokerage account.

AlphaProfit helps you eliminate all types of fees and minimizes your trading costs so that 100% of your money goes to work for you and you keep all of the profits you earn.

The Bottom Line

If you have done investment research, you will know it is not a side-gig, particularly if you want to stay current.

Today’s complex and constantly changing investing environment makes investment research a continuous, intensive, and time-consuming activity.

When you use AlphaProfit’s investment research, you can rest assured that you are outsourcing this important activity to a competent and trusted provider.

To help you protect your wealth, AlphaProfit stays on top of several economic and market indicators and provides asset allocation advice.

And, to help you grow your wealth, AlphaProfit researches thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks and brings you the best of the best … at the right time. AlphaProfit tells you exactly what mutual funds, Fidelity funds, ETFs, and stocks to buy, what investments to sell, and how much to own.

AlphaProfit’s low-maintenance investment process ensures you spend only a few minutes a year trading AlphaProfit recommendations to either lock profits or latch on to sizeable profit opportunities at the right time.

In sum, AlphaProfit helps you stay on top of the market, earn high returns, and save your time & energy for more enjoyable pursuits in life.

AlphaProfit Investments, LLC is an independent, investment research company. It is not a registered investment adviser and does not offer individual investment advice. AlphaProfit does not place trades in Premium Service Subscriber accounts.