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"In the investing blog, I seek to help you take sound investment decisions free from emotion by sharing my objective insights on markets, sectors, and companies."
Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA, Editor, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters

Why Fidelity Mutual Funds

Fidelity Investments offers sector funds under the Fidelity Select fund umbrella. We prefer these Fidelity sector funds for the following reasons: Fidelity Sector Fund Choices After pioneering the sector investing concept in 1981, Fidelity Investments has expanded the Fidelity Select funds to span 7 sector groups. Each sector group has one broad sector fund and several industry-specific funds.… Read More »

Sector Investing: Sector Funds and Sector Rotation

Sector investing harnesses the potential of sector funds through sector rotation to create wealth. Sector funds focus their equity investments within a specific sector or industry of the economy. Stock prices of companies within a sector or industry move together due to causal factors. Examples of such factors include introduction of new technologies or products, changes in consumer… Read More »

Exchange Traded Funds – ETF Investing – ETFs vs Mutual Funds

Exchange traded funds or ETFs are investment vehicles that combine some investment attributes of mutual funds with those of stocks. Like mutual funds, exchange traded funds are a basket of securities generally designed to track an index. The index may be a stock, sector, or bond index. Some exchange traded funds track commodity prices as well. Like stocks,… Read More »

PowerShares ETFs

A Sector Investing Perspective PowerShares ETFs are issued by PowerShares Exchange Traded Fund Trust. PowerShares Capital Management, LLC is the advisor and sponsor of the PowerShares ETF family of exchange traded funds. PowerShares Capital Management, LLC is a unit of UK-based investment management company, INVESCO PLC. Breadth of Sector ETFs PowerShares Exchange Traded Fund Trust offers 45 sector… Read More »

Select Sector SPDRs: Ways to Maximize Return and Minimize Risk

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are growing in popularity. Bucking difficult market conditions, assets invested in ETFs have increased from $569 billion in January 2008 to $693 billion in September 2009. The flexibility provided by Select Sector SPDR ETFs in creating low-cost portfolios with customized asset allocations have enabled them to carve out a niche in the ETF world. The… Read More »

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

New ETF Recommendations

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