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"In the investing blog, I seek to help you take sound investment decisions free from emotion by sharing my objective insights on markets, sectors, and companies."
Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA, Editor, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters

AlphaProfit Core Model Portfolio: The Right Choice for Rollover and SEP-IRA

The AlphaProfit Core model portfolio is a diversified portfolio, pursuing long-term capital growth. It is an alternative to investing in diversified mutual funds. The Core portfolio completed its fifth anniversary on September 30, 2008. As part of monitoring portfolio performance, we compare the performance of the Core portfolio with those of the five largest domestic funds and the… Read More »

AlphaProfit Focus Model Portfolio: Powerful Returns from Prudent Risk Taking

The AlphaProfit Focus model portfolio completed its fifth anniversary on September 30, 2008. As part of monitoring portfolio performance, we compare the Focus model portfolio’s performance with those of the 10 largest non-diversified domestic funds in the large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, and multi-cap categories. During the past five years, the AlphaProfit Focus model portfolio has outperformed all but one… Read More »

AlphaProfit Beats Popular Fidelity Funds – FLPSX FDGRX FEQIX and More

Subscribers tracking the AlphaProfit Core model portfolio since inception in September 2003 more than doubled their investment account this October. The Core model portfolio is an alternative to diversified domestic mutual funds for many subscribers. We compare its performance with that of the five largest no-load domestic mutual funds and Fidelity’s five largest domestic funds. AlphaProfit Core has… Read More »

Sector ETFs vs. Sector Mutual Funds – The Battle of the Behemoths

Mutual fund titans Vanguard and Fidelity are taking different approaches to compete against sector ETFs. The allure of low expense ratios, better transparency, and ready liquidity has made exchange-traded funds (ETFs) a popular investment vehicle. The robust returns earned off-late by energy and other commodity ETFs have resulted in money gravitating towards such ETFs. The Energy Select Sector… Read More »

New Mutual Fund Recommendations

New Mutual Fund Recommendations

The AlphaProfit no-load, no-transaction fee growth model portfolio is up 400% since the start of 2009 compared to the 287% gain for its benchmark. The model portfolio will be reconstituted with new recommendations on Saturday, November 19. Learn more about AlphaProfit's Free and Premium Service investment newsletters.