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AlphaProfit ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

Selecting Winners from a Broad Range of Investment Products

ETF Recommendations We provide recommendations on high-performance domestic and global sector ETFs and mutual funds. Using our investor-focused information, you can invest in the recommended ETFs or mutual funds with brokers of your choice. We research more than 300 domestic and global sector ETFs and mutual funds. See: Illustrative example

Here is what we do for you to make money from domestic and foreign stock markets:

Exchange-Traded Funds

  • Provide recommendations on sector ETFs and exchange-traded entities from iShares, SPDRs, Vanguard, Market Vectors, WisdomTree, and other families
  • Emphasize domestic and global sector products as well as commodities
  • Evaluate more than 160 sector and industry group-focused ETFs and exchange-traded entities

Mutual Funds

  • Provide recommendations on sector funds from Fidelity, ProFunds, Rydex, ICON and other families
  • Emphasize no-load, no-transaction-fee funds open to new investors
  • Evaluate more than 150 sector and industry group-focused mutual funds

Investor-Focused Information

  • Recommend sectors and industry groups to profit from domestic and global growth
  • Construct model portfolios for aggressive growth and long-term capital appreciation
  • Provide opportunistic ETF and mutual fund trading recommendations
  • Rate ETFs and mutual funds on risk
  • Rate ETFs on liquidity
  • Provide mutual fund availability information at major discount brokers like E*Trade, Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade
  • Provide minimum holding period for mutual funds to avoid fees
  • Feature high-potential domestic and foreign stocks held by ETFs and mutual funds

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