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Description of Fidelity Funds Based Model Portfolios

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Fidelity Funds Based Model Portfolios

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Real Portfolios for Real Money

Fidelity Funds Based Model Portfolios AlphaProfit's Premium Service offers three popular model portfolios for individual investors and investment advisers:

  • Fidelity Focus for Aggressive Growth
  • Fidelity Core for Growth
  • Fidelity NTF for Global Growth

The model portfolios use Fidelity funds or other no-load, no transaction fee (NTF) non-Fidelity funds available in Fidelity Funds Network as building blocks.

"Your skill at choosing funds is very impressive and I appreciate having your assistance in my financial choices."

JG, Montclair, NJ

You can use the model portfolios in retirement accounts like 401k, Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA or Keogh plans as well as taxable accounts.


Fidelity Focus Model Portfolio

Fidelity Core Model Portfolio

Fidelity NTF Growth Model Portfolio


pointer  Enables investors to
aggressively grow assets using high- performance Fidelity Funds

pointer  Enables investors to
grow assets with diversified portfolio of high-performance Fidelity Funds

pointer  Enables investors to
grow assets with global portfolio of best-of-breed funds in Fidelity FundsNetwork





Starting Account Size




Retirement Accounts like 401k, Rollover IRA, and Roth IRA

pointer  $7,500+

pointer  $25,000+

pointer  $35,000+

Retirement Accounts like SEP-IRA and Keogh Plan

pointer  $1,500+

pointer  $5,000+

pointer  $35,000+

Taxable Accounts

pointer  $7,500+

pointer  $25,000+

pointer  $35,000+






pointer  2 to 4 Fidelity funds

pointer  7 to 8 Fidelity funds
on average

pointer  5 to 8 no load, no-
transaction fee (NTF) Fidelity and non-Fidelity funds

All three model portfolios are designed to eliminate your fees and brokerage commissions as well as minimize your tax bite.

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