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Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings

AlphaProfit Newsletter, a Consistent Top Performer

Hulbert Financial Digest, the Consumer Digest of Investment Newsletters, independently evaluates the performance of the AlphaProfit Premium Service Investment Newsletter from January 2004.

The AlphaProfit Premium Service Investment Newsletter and its model portfolios have consistently ranked #1 among all fund newsletters since Hulbert Financial Digest initiated tracking its performance.

The AlphaProfit Premium Service Investment Newsletter ranks #1 among all fund newsletters for the five year period from August 2009 to July 2014.

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Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings as seen in Hulbert Interactive

AlphaProfit Premium Service investment newsletter gained at an 18.9% rate annualized rate from 8/1/2009 to 7/31/2014 to rank #1 among all fund newsletters in Hulbert Interactive, the online service powered by Hulbert Financial Digest.

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Here are the #1 ranks earned by AlphaProfit in different timeframes by year:

Hulbert Financial Digest Rankings

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Hulbert Digest Rankings

Hulbert Interactive Rankings

Hulbert Rankings

Source: Hulbert Financial Digest, a unit of Dow Jones, Inc. and MarketWatch.com

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About Hulbert Financial Digest and Mark Hulbert

Launched by Mark Hulbert in 1980, Hulbert Financial Digest tracks the advice of over 180 stock and mutual fund newsletters. In 2004, Mark Hulbert launched Hulbert Interactive, an online, interactive investment newsletter performance database.

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