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Investing Blog: Commodity Trading Strategies - Returns

Will Gold Stay Hot and Gas Cold?

Learn to analyze factors impacting commodities and to use profitable commodity trading strategies.

Investment Blog: Best Way to Buy Gold - SPDR Gold GLD Price

Will Gold Break the $1,000 an Ounce Mark for Good?

Gold is attempting to crack the $1,000 an ounce barrier for the third time this year. This article outlines reasons for the odds of success to be high this time.

Investing Blog: Best Bank Stocks to Buy Now

Should You Avoid Investing in Banks Now?

While the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is busy taking over troubled banks, prudent investors can position themselves appropriately to profit from bank stocks.

Newspaper Stock Returns

Newspaper Publishers Can't Wait Longer for Better Times

With the economy showing signs of leveling off and providing hopes of recovery, newspaper publishers can hardly wait longer for better times.

Investment Blog: Retail Sector Stocks Cash Register

Retail Sector Stocks: Best Stock Opportunities in Retailing

Much to the relief of investors, earnings in the retail sector have not been as bad as feared. Investors with a healthy dose of risk appetite can find some attractive opportunities in the retailing landscape.

Investing Blog: Small Cap Value Return

Small Cap Value - Learn 4 Sound Small Cap Value Investments

Small cap value funds are leading domestic mutual funds. This article features four sound small cap value funds and ETFs.

Investment Blog: Yactman Fund YACKX Profile

Quickly Rebuild Your Portfolio with Tactical Mutual Fund Selection

Tactical fund selection on the part of mutual fund investors can go a long way in undoing the damage from the bear market and rebuilding portfolios.

Investing Blog: Emerging Markets Eastern Europe

MSCI Emerging Markets Index: Eastern Europe Ain't China or India

Before plunking dollars into emerging markets investors must beware that issues facing emerging economies vary significantly from one country to another.

Investment Blog: Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: Learn Easy Ways to Profit from Mergers and Acquisitions

As confidence in the economy improves, mergers and acquisitions are increasing across sectors providing retail investors unique profit opportunities.

Case for investing in Biotech stocks and ETFs IBB and XBI: Clinical Trial Successes

Biotech Stocks and ETFs: Should You Board the Biotech Bandwagon Now?

It is not late to get on the biotech bandwagon as long as the entry point and appropriate investment vehicles as chosen with care.

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AlphaProfit Investments, LLC is an independent investment research firm based in Sugar Land, TX. AlphaProfit publishes the AlphaProfit Sector Investor's Newsletter, edited by Dr. Sam Subramanian. Leveraging sector funds, the Newsletter provides high-performance model portfolios with Fidelity funds and exchange-traded funds. It also includes actionable stock recommendations. This newsletter features among MarketWatch's top 10 investment newsletters and has won the coveted #1 rank from Hulbert Financial several times.

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