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Sam 'In the investing blog, I seek to help you take sound investment decisions free from emotion by sharing my objective insights on markets, sectors, and companies.'
Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA
Editor, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters
Multiple times winner of Hulbert Financial's # 1 Rank

Investment Blog: Sector Analysis - Earnings Growth Outlook by Sector in Q1 2016

Sector Analysis: Should You Sell Before the Weakest Earnings Season?

Q1 2016 earnings forecasts are easily the weakest since the financial crisis. Can stocks continue to do well despite these dire forecasts?

Investing Blog: Sector Analysis: Earnings Growth Outlook by Sector in 4Q 2015

Sector Analysis: Will Q4 2015 Earnings Reports Bail Out Stocks?

The Q4 earnings reporting season gets underway soon. Will it be as effective as the Q3 earnings season in lifting stocks?

Investment Blog: Fidelity Select Funds - Best, Worst, and 2016 Forecast

Fidelity Select Funds: Best, Worst, and
2016 Forecast

The best performing Fidelity Select Fund on average beats the S&P 500 by 44% each year. Which Fidelity Select Fund will be 2016's best performer?

Investing Blog: Best No-Load Mutual Funds for 2016

Best No-Load Mutual Funds for 2016

Year 2015 was a lackluster one for many stock markets globally. What types of mutual funds are likely to end at the top in 2016?

Investment Blog: Health care services ETFs and mutual funds

What's Next for Health Care Services after the Obamacare Rally?

Improved access to health care and frantic deal activity has lifted the returns of health care services ETFs and funds. Can they continue winning?

Investing Blog: Semiconductor ETFs and mutual funds

Fidelity Select Electronics and Semiconductor ETF Outlook

Helped by growing sales and mergers, chip stocks are among the top performers over the past year. Can they continue outperforming?

Investment Blog: leading sector funds

Will Leading Sectors Continue to Lead the Market?

Although threats lurk, sectors leading the market currently can continue outperforming in the near-term.

Investing Blog:

What Relative Sector Returns Say the Fed will do now

By tracking the relative returns of these sectors, investors can get a leg up on the timing of the Fed hiking interest rates.

Investment Blog: sector investing cuts risk and beats indexing

Use Sector Investing to Cut Risk and Beat Indexing

Active investors now have the means to lessen the risk associated with sector investing and earn greater rewards than indexing.

Investing Blog: Fidelity Real Estate and Real Estate ETF Outlook

Sector Analysis: Earnings Growth Outlook by Sector in 1Q2015

Which sectors are poised for strong EPS growth this quarter when total corporate profits are forecasted to shrink year-over-year?

Investment Blog: Fidelity Real Estate and Real Estate ETF Outlook

Fidelity Real Estate and Real Estate ETF Outlook

Real estate funds and real estate ETFs are leading the market. What is the outlook for Fidelity Real Estate and real estate ETFs?

Investing Blog: EPS Growth Forecasted in 2015 by Sector

Sectors You Should Look in to Get High Earnings Growth in 2015

To increase your odds of selecting winners and avoiding losers, learn which sectors are expected to show strong earnings growth in 2015.

Investing Blog: Best No Load Mutual Funds for 2015

Best No Load Mutual Funds for 2015

Which markets should you avoid and which markets should you invest in 2015?

Investment Blog: EPS Growth Forecasted in 3Q 2014 Earnings Report Season by Sector

Sector Funds to Invest in 3Q 2014
Earnings Report Season

Which sector funds and sector ETFs should you invest during the 3Q 2014 earnings report season?

Investing Blog: Should You Invest in ETFs or Should You Invest in Mutual Funds?

Should You Invest in ETFs or Should
You Invest in Mutual Funds?

Investors often question if they should invest in ETFs or mutual funds. They both have their pros and cons. The answer here can however surprise you.

Investment Blog: Disciplined sector rotation beats S&P 500 and the average investor returns

Win with Disciplined Sector Rotation

AlphaProfit's disciplined sector rotation helps to keep emotion in check and enables investors to prosper.

Investment Blog: Dick Davis Contributor Interview Series - Sam Subramanian

Dick Davis Contributor Interview Series: Sam Subramanian

Chloe Lutts, Editor of Dick Davis Digest interviews Sam Subramanian. Discover how you can prosper with Samís unique investment strategy. Learn more about Sam.

Investing Blog: Fidelity Select Funds - Choose the Best Fidelity Sector Fund Consistently

Fidelity Select Funds: Choosing the Best Fidelity Sector Fund

Fidelity Select funds offer the potential for earning sizzling returns. Learn to pick winning Fidelity Select funds with unmatched levels of perfection.

Investment Blog: Sector ETFs - Select the Best Sector ETF Consistently

Sector ETFs: Invest in the Best Sector ETF Consistently

Avoid mistakes investors commonly make when selecting sector ETFs and learn to pick the best sector ETF consistently.

Investing Blog: Sector Mutual Funds - How to Pick Winning Sector Funds

Sector Mutual Funds: How to Pick Winning Sector Funds

Learn to pick winning sector mutual funds consistently and avoid mistakes investors commonly make when selecting sector funds.

Investment Blog: NTF Mutual Funds - Fidelity FundsNetwork Eases No Load No Transaction Fee Mutual Funds Rule

NTF Mutual Funds: Fidelity FundsNetwork Eases Key Rule

What does Fidelity's less burdensome holding period requirement for commission-free trades of no load, no fee mutual funds mean for investors?

Investing Blog: Investing in China

Investing in China Mutual Funds and ETFs: Right Time Now?

The 2008 financial crisis has not slowed China's growth. However, investments in China have performed poorly. Is now the right time to invest in China?

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