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Fidelity Select Chemicals and Chemical ETFs: Why Invest?

Fidelity Select Chemicals and Chemical ETFs look attractive, as potential for margins to widen and deal activity to provide abnormal returns sustain the leadership of chemical stocks. Selected groups in the consumer discretionary and technology sectors like auto and computers led the way in 2009 as stock prices started to recover from the Great Recession. In 2010, the… Read More »

Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and ETFs – Fidelity Investments and FSLEX

Fidelity Investments is now offering investors a way to invest in the alternative energy group by extending the investment objective of a Fidelity Select fund. Sensing stronger demand from investors to invest in alternative energy ideas following BP’s (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Massey Energy’s (MEE) coal mine disaster in West Virginia, Fidelity has… Read More »

Energy Stocks: Best Way to Invest to Profit from 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The energy industry is very much in the news after Deepwater Horizon, a drilling unit owned by Transocean (RIG) exploded on April 20, 2010. Damage from the resulting oil spill, the largest in U.S. offshore drilling, could exceed $50 billion. The U. S. Government has named BP (BP) as the responsible party in the incident. Shares of both… Read More »

Auto and Auto Part Stocks: Autoliv, Penske Auto, and Five More Ways to Play the Turnaround

The financial crisis took a toll on 2009 US auto sales pushing them below 1982 levels. At the depth of the recession, auto sales slumped to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of just 9.2 million a year, nearly 44% lower than the pre-recession level of nearly 16.5 million units in 2007. While cash-for-clunkers provided the initial boost late… Read More »

Fatten Your Wallets from Financials’ Fire Sale

Stocks have recently made new 2009 highs. Volatility has declined. As confidence in the economy and financial markets improves, initial public offerings are increasing. The pace of corporate transactions is picking up as well. A surging stock market and rising capital market activity are often good for firms in the investment management business. Yet, large financial services firms… Read More »

Information Technology Consulting Firms: Profit from Consolidation

Leading information technology consulting firms have received takeover offers. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) has received a $6.7 billion offer from Xerox (XRX). Perot Systems (PER) has accepted a $3.9 billion offer from Dell (DELL). These transactions unveil a major trend in the technology sector where hardware companies are vying to acquire IT consulting and services firms. So, why… Read More »

Natural Gas Futures Trading: Opportunities for Both Shorts and Longs

Yesterday’s natural gas inventory report from the U. S. Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) provided traders and investors a grim reminder on the over-supply of natural gas. The EIA reported that natural gas stored in the lower 48 states amounted to nearly 3.6 trillion cubic feet. This tally is the highest on record on a seasonally adjusted… Read More »

Is the Housing Recovery for Real?

The housing market is sending mixed signals. Home sales are rising. Foreclosures are increasing too. Is the worst really over for housing? Rising Sales of New and Existing Homes Sales of existing and new homes are increasing. In July, total sales of new and existing homes rose to a 5.673 million annual rate, the highest since November 2007.… Read More »

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