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Energy Bill: Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

Recent U. S. economic data and the course of the stock market are indicative of the effects of energy insecurity. Growing transportation needs coupled with declining domestic oil production have left the nation increasingly dependent on foreign oil. Any responsible energy plan must balance transportation needs with the imperative to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Sky-rocketing Oil Prices.… Read More »

Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and ETFs – Fidelity Investments and FSLEX

Fidelity Investments is now offering investors a way to invest in the alternative energy group by extending the investment objective of a Fidelity Select fund. Sensing stronger demand from investors to invest in alternative energy ideas following BP’s (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Massey Energy’s (MEE) coal mine disaster in West Virginia, Fidelity has… Read More »

Energy Stocks: Best Way to Invest to Profit from 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The energy industry is very much in the news after Deepwater Horizon, a drilling unit owned by Transocean (RIG) exploded on April 20, 2010. Damage from the resulting oil spill, the largest in U.S. offshore drilling, could exceed $50 billion. The U. S. Government has named BP (BP) as the responsible party in the incident. Shares of both… Read More »

Natural Gas Futures Trading: Opportunities for Both Shorts and Longs

Yesterday’s natural gas inventory report from the U. S. Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) provided traders and investors a grim reminder on the over-supply of natural gas. The EIA reported that natural gas stored in the lower 48 states amounted to nearly 3.6 trillion cubic feet. This tally is the highest on record on a seasonally adjusted… Read More »

Commodity Trading Strategies: Profiting from Gold and Natural Gas

Investors often lump commodities together and run the risk of making improper investment choices. While some commodities can be hot, others may not. The supply and demand factors affecting commodity prices are usually specific to a commodity. Take the case of gold and natural gas this year. The price of gold has been relatively strong. The surge in… Read More »

Energy Conservation: Save Energy Consumption Using Technology

This article originally appeared in The Motley Fool on December 14, 2005. Technology companies are generally underappreciated as energy conservation plays. By casting a wider net, investors can find appealing situations in the technology space that stand to prosper from the growing emphasis on energy conservation. Investors typically see oil-related stocks — such as Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM)… Read More »

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

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