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"In the investing blog, I seek to help you take sound investment decisions free from emotion by sharing my objective insights on markets, sectors, and companies."
Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA, Editor, AlphaProfit MoneyMatters

Three Ways You can Hedge against Fed’s Follies

Uncle Sam responded to a ‘once-in-a-generation’ type of global economic crisis in 2008 with near-zero interest rates, rapid money supply expansion, and gargantuan fiscal stimulus. Now comes the harder part of timing the orderly removal of these measures. If the measures are withdrawn too soon, the recovery could be derailed and the economy can recede. If the measures… Read More »

ETF Holdings, Performance, and Risk: Will Your ETF Be Next to Blow Up?

While cost and transparency advantages provided by exchange-traded funds (ETFs) get a lot of attention, the relatively high degree of company-concentration risk embedded in certain ETFs does not. Certain ETFs that focus on narrower segments of the global market like specific countries, sectors, or industries use market capitalization-weighted indexes to select and weight stocks. This exposes these ETFs… Read More »

Best ETFs to Build Your ETF Portfolio

‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. This is commonly believed to be a sound investing maxim. Why? Because diversification helps investors to lower risk and to stay on course towards their goals without being derailed by market sell-offs. So, how does one build a diversified portfolio? Investors can build a diversified portfolio by bringing together assets… Read More »

Fidelity Sector Funds

Maximize Your Returns and Minimize Risks Fidelity sector funds can be volatile investment vehicles particularly when viewed in isolation. However, AlphaProfit can help you achieve extraordinary returns by exploiting the return potential of Fidelity sector funds while lowering your risk.                                                   AlphaProfit helps you maximize your returns from Fidelity sector funds while minimizing your risks. How do we do… Read More »

iShares ETF and iShares Trusts from Barclays

A Sector Investing Perspective The iShares family includes several sector and industry-group specific iShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as well as commodity-oriented iShares trusts. The sector and industry-group specific iShares ETFs are registered as iShares, Inc. under the 1940 Investment Company Act. The commodity-oriented iShares Trusts are investment vehicles designed to track the price movements of certain commodities. The… Read More »

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

New ETF and Mutual Fund Recommendations

The Fidelity and ETF Core and Focus model portfolios have gained at annualized rates of 15.5% and 18.6%, respectively since 1994. The model portfolios will be repositioned with new mutual fund and ETF recommendations on Thursday, June 30. Learn more about AlphaProfit's Free and Premium Service investment newsletters.