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S&P 500 quarterly earnings: Second quarter earnings outlook for sectors and stocks

Earnings reports are an important factor affecting stock prices. The S&P 500 quarterly earnings parade starts in a few weeks. How is the 2nd quarter earnings outlook shaping up for different sectors and stocks? The S&P 500 companies are set to report their second-quarter earnings reports in a few weeks. During the first quarter, S&P 500 quarterly earnings… Read More »

Sectors You Should Look in to Get High Earnings Growth in 2015

The fourth quarter earnings reporting season is here. Alcoa has kicked things off reporting 33 cents a share in fourth quarter EPS. This exceeds consensus analysts’ forecasts by 5 cents a share or 18%. The aluminum producer has provided a comforting 2015 outlook. The company forecasts global aluminum demand to grow 7% in 2015, mirroring the 7% growth… Read More »

Sector Funds: Best, Worst, and Mid-Year 2010 Stock Market Outlook

The past 45 days have brought about an abrupt change in the markets. After being in a phase of never-wanting-to-go-down from February through April, markets around the globe have turned south in a hurry. Steep losses in equity prices since late April have put most of the markets around the world in the red for the year. In… Read More »

Stock Market Predictions: Can Corporate Takeovers Tame the Bear?

With the stock markets taking a breather, calls that the worst for U. S. equities is yet to come are growing louder. Bearish calls usually cite the possibility of a collapsing dollar, rising inflation, or plunging commercial real estate values. In recent weeks, corporate takeover activity has intensified. Disney (DIS) will fork out $4 billion to purchase Marvel… Read More »

Will Investors Continue to Chase Risk?

Investors are chasing risk since the markets bottomed in March. While the U. S. large cap stocks as measured by the Russell 1000 index are up 10.9%, small cap stocks have rebounded 12.6%. Developed foreign markets have scored even better, galloping 18.0%. While the above returns are impressive, the real action has been in emerging markets. After being… Read More »

Market Bottom Appears Enduring

The March 6 market bottom appears enduring. The credit market is easing; corporations have raised nearly $225 billion in debt during the first two months of 2009. Money supply is soaring at a 15.3% annual rate and cash should soon find its way to the stock market. Technical indicators like MACD and RSI on major indexes are demonstrating… Read More »

New Mutual Fund Recommendations

The AlphaProfit No-Load, No-Transaction-Fee (NL-NTF) growth model portfolio is up 175% since 2009. In comparison, the model portfolio’s U. S. & foreign stock combination benchmark is up 135%. The NL-NTF model portfolio will be reconstituted with new recommendations of best-of-breed mutual funds on Wednesday, August 21.
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