Did Your Nest Egg Gain from the Coronavirus Crash?

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A new bull market is just beginning

The stock market continues to sizzle and pullbacks are modest even in the face of bad news. The ability to digest bad news raises our conviction that the market will add to recent gains in the months ahead.

After six straight up weeks, the market has consolidated its gains over the past two weeks and is providing an exciting entry point.

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•  117% from Wireless

•  46% from Healthcare Providers

•  45% from Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

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AlphaProfit Investments, LLC, is a Texas-based investment research firm. AlphaProfit publishes the AlphaProfit Sector Investors’ Newsletter. As evident from its Hulbert rankings, the newsletter is a consistent, top performer that has bagged the coveted #1 RANK several times. Drawing on insights and research into sector investing, the newsletter offers winning sector fund and exchange traded fund recommendations and top mutual fund portfolios for superior long-term results.

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New ETF Recommendations

The AlphaProfit ETF style rotation model portfolio will be reconstituted with new recommendations on Wednesday, May 22. Learn more about AlphaProfit's Free and Premium Service investment newsletters.

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