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AlphaProfit Core Model Portfolio: The Right Choice for Rollover and SEP-IRA

AlphaProfit Turns 5!

The AlphaProfit Core model portfolio is a diversified portfolio, pursuing long-term capital growth. It is an alternative to investing in diversified mutual funds. The Core portfolio completed its fifth anniversary on September 30, 2008. As part of monitoring portfolio performance, we compare the performance of the Core portfolio with those of the five largest domestic funds and the five largest Fidelity domestic funds.

Portfolio, Fund, or Benchmark


Annualized Return, %

During the past five years, the AlphaProfit Core model portfolio has outperformed all of the largest diversified domestic mutual funds.


AlphaProfit Core Model Portfolio




5 Largest No-Load Domestic Funds


Growth Fund of America, C



Vanguard 500 Index



Vanguard Total Stock Market Index



American Funds Investment Company, C



American Funds Washington Mutual, C




Fidelity's 5 Largest Domestic Funds


Fidelity Magellan



Fidelity Equity Income



Fidelity U.S. Equity Index Investor Class



Fidelity Value



Fidelity Blue Chip Growth




Average for Large Domestic Funds



S&P 500



Data: Mutual fund returns from Morningstar

In addition to performance, here are three other reasons to invest with the Core model portfolio:

Diversification and Tax-efficiency: The Core model portfolio is well diversified, typically holding seven or eight sectors or industry group funds. Most funds are held 1 year or longer to reduce tax bite.

Modest Investment Requirements: The Core model portfolio can be used with as little as $5,000 in SEP-IRA or Keogh accounts or $25,000 in regular or other qualified accounts like Rollover, Roth, or Regular IRA.

Consistent Investment Process and Style: Mutual fund investors often worry about changes in fund management affecting returns. The Core model portfolio makes it less of an issue by using a consistent strategy to select sectors and industry groups using AlphaProfit's ValuM investment process.

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