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NTF Mutual Funds: Fidelity FundsNetwork Eases No Load No Fee Mutual Funds Rule

During volatile times like the second half of 2011, a few days can seem like eternity in the stock market. Price changes, that would normally take several months or years to materialize, transpire in just a few days. In such environments, the flexibility to change investments in no load no fee mutual funds without being tethered by rules can be a plus.

Fidelity FundsNetwork Eases NTF Mutual Funds Rule

Responding to requests from many investors including yours truly, Fidelity has relaxed its 180-day holding period requirement to allow commission free trades of no load, no transaction fee mutual funds in Fidelity FundsNetwork, Fidelity’s fund supermarket. The new rule allows investors to trade no load, NTF mutual funds commission-free after holding them for 60 days.

Fidelity has leapfrogged the competition in providing less onerous holding period requirements for offering commission-free mutual fund trades. TD Ameritrade (AMTD) requires 180 days while Schwab (SCHW), E*Trade (ETFC), and Scottrade impose a 90-day holding period requirement to waive commissions on no load NTF mutual funds.

Given the competitive nature of the brokerage industry, it could just be a matter of time before competitors catch up to Fidelity’s less stringent terms for trading no load no fee mutual funds.

Benefits of NTF Mutual Funds Rule Change

Fidelity’s rule change significantly improves the attractiveness of style rotation-based portfolios like AlphaProfit’s No Load Growth model portfolio that helps investors invest in the right mutual funds at the right time.

First, the reduction in required minimum holding period opens up more opportunities to lock gains and latch on to the next winner.

Second, the lower minimum holding period requirement considerably reduces the possibility of model portfolio users incurring brokerage commissions in their accounts during start up.

AlphaProfit No Load NTF Mutual Funds Portfolio

Fund networks like Fidelity FundsNetwork provide access to several thousands of no load no fee mutual funds, both domestic and foreign.

Cutting through the maze of options, AlphaProfit identifies the best no load, no fee mutual funds in domestic, foreign, and specialty categories for each market environment.

AlphaProfit’s ValuM fund system delves deep into each no load, no transaction fee fund … analyzing factors like quality of fund management, prospects for fund holdings, and risk of investment strategy to select winners consistently.

Performance of AlphaProfit no load NTF mutual funds model portfolio as of March 18, 2015.

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Launched in late 2008, the AlphaProfit NTF mutual funds model portfolio is up 142% since the start of 2009, compared to the 103% gain for its domestic and foreign markets combination benchmark. The no load no fee fund model portfolio returned 36% and 19% in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

The NTF mutual funds included in this model portfolio are typically available without transaction fee in Fidelity FundsNetwork, Schwab OneSource, and other leading fund networks.

Baron Opportunity (BIOPX), Delafield (DEFIX), Janus Overseas (JAOSX), Matthews India (MINDX), and Wasatch International Growth (WAIGX) are examples of no fee funds previously included in the AlphaProfit no transaction fee mutual funds model portfolio.

The AlphaProfit NTF mutual funds model portfolio is a worthy choice for investors pursuing profit opportunities worldwide with assets of $40,000 or more in regular or tax-qualified accounts like IRAs or Rollover IRAs.


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